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Morrigan ([personal profile] morrigan) wrote2009-04-21 07:14 pm

A use?

I think I might use this journal to talk about work and the various things that go on within. Or not, I might end up using it for WoW talk since that's what all my icons are, lol.

Anyway! This post DOES have a purpose! Four years ago, a girl got fired from my job for stealing. They had no idea she was doing it because she was slick, and the only reason she got caught was because a customer saw he doing something suspicious at the register.

To make a long and convoluted story short, she got away with it because the weren't able to prosecute, or even catch her. Then something happened within the past few weeks, and now all of a sudden, they're able to prosecute her.

Tuesdays are my day off, and I won't go in unless abso-fucking-lutely necessary because no one ever seems to honor the rule, "someone fills in for you on their day off, you need to give them your day off." So D. calls me this morning asking if I can fill in for S., who is "exhausted" and can't work. In fairness, I didn't hear the phone ring because it was in he living room charging. Anyway, when my boss called from home later in the day, I didn't answer because I figured it was her calling to see if I could work. I didn't answer, but she did call again about an hour later from her cell, and again I didn't answer.

A short while later, Mom calls up, and I groan. "They arrested her!"
"They arrested [thief]!"
"Are you shitting me?"
"They got her at the place she is working now! She admitted to stealing like $80 a day for six months, which comes out to like $11,000! They couldn't have taken her in unless she confessed which would make it a felony. S. was so excited she had to call and tell someone!"

So basically, I missed out on squealing with my boss over catching this asshat. 8|