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Apr. 21st, 2009 07:14 pm
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I think I might use this journal to talk about work and the various things that go on within. Or not, I might end up using it for WoW talk since that's what all my icons are, lol.

Anyway! This post DOES have a purpose! Four years ago, a girl got fired from my job for stealing. They had no idea she was doing it because she was slick, and the only reason she got caught was because a customer saw he doing something suspicious at the register.

To make a long and convoluted story short, she got away with it because the weren't able to prosecute, or even catch her. Then something happened within the past few weeks, and now all of a sudden, they're able to prosecute her.

Tuesdays are my day off, and I won't go in unless abso-fucking-lutely necessary because no one ever seems to honor the rule, "someone fills in for you on their day off, you need to give them your day off." So D. calls me this morning asking if I can fill in for S., who is "exhausted" and can't work. In fairness, I didn't hear the phone ring because it was in he living room charging. Anyway, when my boss called from home later in the day, I didn't answer because I figured it was her calling to see if I could work. I didn't answer, but she did call again about an hour later from her cell, and again I didn't answer.

A short while later, Mom calls up, and I groan. "They arrested her!"
"They arrested [thief]!"
"Are you shitting me?"
"They got her at the place she is working now! She admitted to stealing like $80 a day for six months, which comes out to like $11,000! They couldn't have taken her in unless she confessed which would make it a felony. S. was so excited she had to call and tell someone!"

So basically, I missed out on squealing with my boss over catching this asshat. 8|
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Mom and I went to the store to get something for dinner. While putting the groceries in the trunk, we had this conversation.

Her: I suppose I can take the shovel out of the trunk now.
Me: Nah, I would leave it in there for one more month.
Her: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

Middle of April, it is a whopping 43 degrees, with sleet in the morning and rain in the afternoon. It doesn't seem like anything is growing; the trees are starting to bud, but they'e all puple maples, so they buds are hardly visible on the branches. It's constantly gray and dreary, or sunny and cold. Spring is taking her sweet time coming, and we're all beginning to fear she won't show up until June, and by the time August comes around, Autumn is going to be knocking on the door.

I wish I could be more upset about it, but after rebounding from depression (a few nice days in a row does that to a person), I can't find it in myself to be. I am chilly, but content.

Or I WOULD be, if freaking Warcraft would come back online! What the hell, man, it's 4 pm! Get on the ball here!
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My first post to Livejournal was a list of everything I did that day, in regards to getting my passport in order for my trip to Vancouver. It threw people that didn't know me into the middle of my life, and I kinda like that idea now. I think you get to know me best by seeing me through daily snippets, instead of boring facts and figures. So without further adeui, my life.

Thursday was a hectic day at work, as we were in the process of getting the store ready for Easter weekend. S. (I tried this on LJ, just using initials, but it didn't work out. Let's see how it goes this time) was putting out stock, while D. and I were doing our normal duties behind the counters. With Friday being opening day, and a lot of business holding holiday parties, it was quite busy all day, and it was getting stressful, but we managed to come out sane, some how. I thank my iPod being on all day long and playing a surprisingly good selection of music.

V., S.'s husband, showed a very rare side of humanity when he helped out a homeless woman that had come in looking to do some simple chores for a few dollars. In the end, we gave her enough to hold her off for a few days. He claimed to have felt good about himself, while D. and I wondered if he'd been smoking pot, since for one, we could smell it every time he walked past, and two, he never has done something kind like that for someone else. It actually made me feel kinda proud of him.

Friday was exciting and crazy. Brewers opening day sells out regardless of the team we're playing Wisconsin is nothing, if not fanatical about its sports teams. The fact that we were playing our heated rivals, the Chicago Cubs, only made it worse. Person after person came in to buy sausage rolls, rye bread*, and other sandwich rolls to use at their tailgate party** in the stadium parking lot, until I was practically wiped out on sausage rolls and rye. By the time the second shift showed up, we were ready to leave, but a problem presented itself. See, we get off work at noon. The baseball game started at 3:05, but the lots opened at noon. Thus, everyone going to the game was on the road, trying to get into the stadium parking lot. Not such a bad thing, except... well, let me demonstrate with a visual aid.

cut for your pleasure )

That red line? Packed with idiot tour bus drivers, flatlanders***, idiot Milwaukeeans, and people just trying to get where they're going. We missed two lights trying to cross because of how packed Miller Parkway was, and it was only by the grace of God that we managed to cross on the third.

Now for some baseball geekery. I'm not normally a fan, not anymore, but this pissed me off.

I miss listening to the Ueck. )

This doesn't go under the cut, because it is awesome, and shows that baseball can be a contact sport, too.

And back to daily life. Today, despite the late start because we just weren't ready to open at 6:00 am, the day went surprisingly well. Customers weren't cranky, orders weren't screwed up to the point we couldn't fix them. The weather was gorgeous, or as gorgeous as can be considering spring is taking its sweet time coming. We left work fairly on time, the dog and I took a short walk, then we went shoe shopping for Mom.

Afterwords, we went to Sis's house, for some less than happy stuff. She's going to have to put one of her dogs down next week, and we wanted to go say our goodbyes before it happened. Without getting into depressing detail, he is sick, and being out of misery is his best option.

Urk, this post HAD been fairly happy.

After we left Sis's, we went and bought Marley & Me and Doubt. Mom watched Marley, while I ate and sat down to relax. With that came the invite to DW, and thus this post. And now here we are. ;D

Now that I have that all out, I think I might hop on World of Warcraft for a bit, before I pass out until tomorrow. Sis and "Little Big Brother"**** and their respective families will be coming over for dinner, so I need my rest to entertain them.

* One customer was going to fry 150 pieces of perch, because it was Good Friday. In a parking lot.
** I take for granted that everyone understands what I mean, so I'll try and provide info for stuff like this.
*** People from Illinois, though apparently the term comes from Virginia originally.
**** I blame the Trigun official sub for this name. Millie calls her siblings similar names, and it stuck.


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