morrigan: (Bergrisst)
Morrigan ([personal profile] morrigan) wrote2009-04-14 04:08 pm

You are not prepared

Mom and I went to the store to get something for dinner. While putting the groceries in the trunk, we had this conversation.

Her: I suppose I can take the shovel out of the trunk now.
Me: Nah, I would leave it in there for one more month.
Her: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

Middle of April, it is a whopping 43 degrees, with sleet in the morning and rain in the afternoon. It doesn't seem like anything is growing; the trees are starting to bud, but they'e all puple maples, so they buds are hardly visible on the branches. It's constantly gray and dreary, or sunny and cold. Spring is taking her sweet time coming, and we're all beginning to fear she won't show up until June, and by the time August comes around, Autumn is going to be knocking on the door.

I wish I could be more upset about it, but after rebounding from depression (a few nice days in a row does that to a person), I can't find it in myself to be. I am chilly, but content.

Or I WOULD be, if freaking Warcraft would come back online! What the hell, man, it's 4 pm! Get on the ball here!